A warm place full of strangers, the sounds floating over the chatting of the people.
It feels like a kid's show has just begun, and then all of a sudden we move sideways into some exotic corner of the mind. Huge stairs in front rising up like a wall.


Scattering around the pieces, still connected by a thread made of grave bouncing balls and the golden and crisp sound of the cymbals.
Here we go, the thread is unraven and it flows sometimes against the grain of the rhythm, but mostly dancing with it.

A familiar theme warms the hearts. A moment after and the chase goes on undisturbed and even more joyous.
It goes faster inside the fabric of the space-time, back and forth this dimension, it wavens the air and the spirits.

Let's go for a walk now, let's jump around with style. Patterns, repetitions, smaller and smaller, then bigger and bigger. The edges are jagged but defined, there's confidence in being unsure but still moving forward without looking back.

Silence now, make room for the rhythm. Make space for the rumblings. Lean back, hold it tight then let it go.

Back to square one now. All together, let's celebrate this journey we just did.


"Evidence" - Thelonious Monk Quartet featuring Johnny Griffin - Live at the Five Spot, New York City.

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