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Hey folks!

I'd like to invite you to join me on Mastodon.

Mastodon is a free and open social network, not run by any company but independently by people. It doesn't have any ads since it's non-profit; therefore there are no algorithms to tell you what you should click on or harvesting your personal data to then sell to third parties. It's a free software to meet, connect and stay in touch with people.

Unlike Facebook or Twitter or Instagram, Mastodon is decentralized; this means that there is not a single "Mastodon website" to sign up and login but many with many different flavours. Think about it like email: you can have a gmail address, outlook or yahoo or whatever you chose, but you can still send and receive emails from anyone regardless of what email service they're using.
Same with Mastodon: you can chose and join one server but you can still follow people on the whole Mastodon network, since every server is connected to the others in a network called Fediverse.

I'm currently on the most populated general purpose Mastodon instance called

You don't have to be registered there to follow me but if you wish now is the right time because they have reopened the registrations after being closed for a few months to new users, and they will close it again soon eventually.

There are some other generalist big servers like or
Or even some more specialized ones like:,,,, etc...

My Mastodon "handle" (again, think about it like an email address if you wish) is:

Once you have created an account on any server you can search for my handle and follow me. You're not even forced to use your real name if that matters. You can even migrate on a different server if and when you'd want to. There are some nice apps for Android and iPhone as well.

Here you can find some more detailed informations:

Hope to see you on Mastodon soon!



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