London's Jam Sessions calendar project


I'm having a hard time finding a good music community in London, both as a musician and an overall music lover. So I think it might be worth, from time to time, to hang out at some jam sessions, even though I tend not to like them too much. Anyway, I've compiled this calendar to try and keep track of the jam sessions around London. I've intentionally skipped jazz jam sessions since I'm not a jazz musician, although I like to listen to it. Also it looks like there's quite a bit more going on jazz-wise in London, so it might be the case of creating a separate calendar specifically for jazz (or maybe not and I will implement it here, we'll see). I'm also avoiding more casual open mic/jam sessions in pubs unless they become popular within the musicians community. I'm a guitarist so most of the jam sessions I've found so far are blues oriented. I'm trying to find out if there's anything different going on, let's say psychedelic or more ethnic/world jam sessions and obviously rock. I'll try to keep this up to date. I'd might even post some of my adventures, if I'd happen to have any.

Hopefully this may be helpful to other fellow musicians in London, as well.








Photo by Darv Robinson on Unsplash

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