My name is Mauro and I work as a motion designer, actually freelancing around London, UK. You can have a look at my portfolio here: mauromotion.com.

See what I’m doing now.


I also have a lifelong passion for music, jazz and its round abouts in particular but I tend to discover interesting new stuff pretty often in various other genres.


Along with my many interests I actually run a Mastodon server on mograph.social. This is an experiment aimed at trying to build a space for motion designers, VFX artists and similar outside of the mainstream platforms like Twitter or Facebook and bring some visual excitment into the Fediverse.

This website

The idea with this website is to create a repository of a few things I discover in any of the fields I’m interested in, be it motion design, music, privacy, PKM systems (Personal Knowledge Management).

Also, I might use this space to post some work in progress and experiments I do with moving (or static) images.

Overall, I wish this space to become a little piece of the web for myself in the spirit of the IndieWeb.