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Lastfm Albums Chart - November 2022

It’s definitely been a SAULT month, considering they released 5 albums at the same time and they’re all good, it was quite predictable. This month almost no ...

Moving to Qobuz

I’ve been using Deezer as my music streaming platform of choice for the last year. I moved from Spotify mostly because after I’ve tried Deezer HiFi FLAC stre...

My music habits in 2022

About a year ago, the second year into the covid-19 pandemic, I decided (and frankly needed) to get back into actively listening to music. What I mean by tha...

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About NFTs

I have been aware of the blockchain technology for a few years now, reading about it in the book Radical Technologies by Adam Greenfield mostly and I found ...

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A brief Mastodon guide for newcomers

This is a quick reference guide for brand new Mastodon (and Fediverse) users who may be feel like they’re screaming into the void when they first join mograp...

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