To replace the social media updates I keep this page inspired by Derek Sivers and the /now page movement.

Update from May 23rd, 2024

💻 Work/Study

  • Currently focused on building my new skills as a web developer.
  • I’m finishing Harvard’s CS50w, gathering ideas for the “capstone” final project.
  • Learning React and Astro, while planning to rebuild this website from scracth.
  • As a brilliant procrastination strategy in the last couple of months I’ve retrained myself to touch type with a different keyboard layout, specifically Colemak-DH. I’m at 50 wpm on average right now, and it is SO MUCH more comfortable and ergonomic than Qwerty. No regrets!

💪 Body

  • I’ve been training with weights at the gym pretty consistently, three times per week since February, learning a lot in the process and feeling much better.
  • Running-wise, after keeping a good streak of 100k per month this year, in May I had to slow it down because of some soreness in my right glute. Turns out, alternating gym and running 6 days a week at (almost) 44 years of young age could be asking a bit too much to myself.

🧠 Mind

🎵 Listening

  • Recently I’ve got into this synthwave/crimewave/industrial rabbit hole, and I’m discovering so many good artists. My favourite has to be IRVING FORCE though. And also Street Cleaner is pretty good.

📖 Reading

🎞️ Watching

  • Really enjoyed the first season of the Fallout TV show.
  • Now I’m back at finishing 30Rocks, such a good show for light entertainment.
  • The latest film I watched was Perfect Days by Wim Wenders. A brilliant film, more akin to poetry than to prose, loved it.

🕹️ Playing

  • I’ve finally got into Cyberpunk 2077 and I’m liking it so far.
  • I keep trying to get into Total War strategy games but I just can’t for some reason, they feel pretentiously complicated for what in fact they are. Also I find the Warhammer fantasy theme quite lame tbh.

🔭 Looking forward to…

  • Hopefully the good season! It’s been a long and wet winter here in England.
  • Going to Italy for a couple of weeks next month.
  • I’ve bought yet another keyboard! A Ferris Sweep this time. Can’t wait to literally put my hands on it.

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