Update from February 17th, 2022

  • Still living in SE London with my partner Flavia and our cat Jessy.

The traditional Christmas photo

The traditional Christmas photo with lasagna.

  • Still freelancing from home since March 21st 2020.
  • I’m not actually actively looking for new clients though, I’m just working for my regulars when they need me - in the meantime I’m studying various things to improve my career. Such as…
  • Currently hard at work learning Houdini. I’m doing great progress, I don’t feel like I’m a beginner anymore. Although, it’s not super easy to kickstart my own projects with it (yet).
  • Quite a lot of Octane tinkering - Redshift is still my main render engine but I finally managed to learn Octane as well.
  • I took the online course “Design Bootcamp” from School of Motion to tackle once and for all my imposter syndrome. It was very intense but very much worth it.
  • Working on various ideas for personal projects to develop further.

For all the rest

  • I’m dedicating way too much time into developing this blog. I think I’m addicted now.
  • I’m very much interested in PKM (Personal Knowledge Management), productivity, Zettelkasten method, PARA method (both of which I’m currently using), and the fantastic software that I’m constantly typing on for everything Obsidian.
  • After a bad 2021 with injuries to both my ankle and my knee I’m finally back on track with running on a regular schedule. Actually last week I hit a personal record time on a 10K run at 54:49. Pretty good if you ask me!

Currently listening

  • Looking forward to Desertfest London 2022, I’ve got the tickets in 2019. Hopefully this will be the year…
  • Lots of electronic and IDM recently, mostly the classics Aphex Twin, Burial, Four Tet.
  • For all the rest have a look here, and here, and here.

Currently watching

  • Watching for the first time The Sopranos, such a great show, I don’t know why I haven’t watched it before honestly. No spoilers please!

Currently playing

  • Not much gaming for me recently but when I do play I’m mostly into roguelikes such as The Binding of Isaac and Dead Cells. // Elden Ring!

Currently reading

Sitting on my bedside table:

  • David Stubbs - Mars by 1980
  • Mark Manson - Everything is Fucked